My Start to Better Health & Living

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Yes, I’m a personal trainer.

An outsider would think that I’m following everything that I preach to my clients to the T.

Thing is, I work long hours, and typically feel tired after a long days work. Having trained clients through hundreds of different exercises, the last thing I’m motivated to do is exercise myself.

I currently struggle with discipline of both fitness & clean nutrition.

I do admit I workout more than your average joe.  The most 4 days a week, but keeping 4 days consistent varies on my energy levels and work load.

I make a living transforming peoples lives both physically and mentally.  Yet sometimes I forget my health and mental well being should be at the top of my client list.

So I’m being honest to my readers and myself, that I’ve been slacking on my diet and workouts.  This slump could be the main cause of my low energy, lack of motivation and discipline.

The one good thing about being a personal trainer though, is that I know everyone has their slumps.  I can have slumps, not workout, & gorge on fast food and desserts.

We are not perfect, even though we try so hard to be. We’re human, and life has its ups & downs.

We are not perfect, we’re human.  Life always has its ups and downs.

Having had enough of being in a “slump”, I plan to restart.  Just like when a cars battery goes dead, it needs a jumpstart to bring the car to life and start running.

So I am restarting Advocares 24 Day Jumpstart. A program that provides the most comprehensive malnutrient dietary supplement system that focuses on energy, wellness, and appetite control.  It also provides supplements to aid in cleansing a sluggish digestive system, and gives guidelines for following a precise meal plan to aide in overall outstanding core nutrition and wellness.

I also will adhere to 24 days of consistent workouts that I will share with my readers, so that they too can follow along.

What’s the purpose of sharing this?

The purpose sharing this 24 day journey with you, is it will hold me accountable. Based on my future results, I want to show those reading and following that they too can achieve feeling great.

You too can achieve feeling your personal best!!!

The rules to this jumpstart isn’t rocket science.

  • Take instructed Advocare 24 Day Jumpstart daily supplements.
  • Eliminate all sugar, dairy products, & processed foods from diet.
  • No starch/carbs in the evening, only if having done a workout before dinner.
  • Include no less than 30 minutes of exercise everyday.
  • Beverages consist only of water,  black coffee (at a bare minimum), and calming teas.
  • Absolutely no alcohol!!! (I’m lucky there, since I don’t drink!)

This may look & sound simple, but we are creatures of habit, and if you have been eating a certain way for a long time,  adhering to a strict nutrition plan may feel very challenging.  Especially if your body is addicted to sugar and certain types of foods.

We are creatures of habit.

I always throw this point to my clients.  To learn a new behavior,  you must allow time and patience for it to habituate.  Meaning for this behavior to feel like second nature like brushing your teeth.

The first two weeks may seem excruciating.  The little cravings devil will sit on your shoulder and yell loudly that, “This isn’t working!!! Just give up and eat that cookie, or go have that cocktail.”

Staying focused and determined to beat feeling like BLAH,  post 2 weeks your body will start feeling re-energized.  Withdrawals from sugar & other processed foods will start to diminish.

And why do I know this? Because I have done it before, and it worked.

But remind you we are creatures of habit, and if you can habituate healthy behaviors, you can also re-habituate previous bad ones.

In my case, this has currently happened, and I’m determined to beat this cycle.

So I’m reintroducing Advocares 24 Day Jumpstart, and will post my fitness journey with you.

Everyday is a new day and I would like to have this day be rid of lethargy, stress, and self loathing.

If you would like to join me on this bandwagon before the craving devils voices of fall & winter holidays plant themselves on your shoulder, please reach out to me for information on how to get started.

I would love to help you stay accountable, as you would be holding me accountable.

Together in groups we can sucker punch bad behaviors in the face!!!

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I will start this journey September 1st.  Reaching out to me now you shall receive Advocare 24 Day Jumpstart by that time.

Give yourself (as I’m talking to myself) the opportunity to feel confident, energized, and determined to beat all odds.

Becoming a healthier you is not a selfish act.  It is an act to prep your soul in helping others also suffering.

You can be an example to your family & friends.

All you have to do is make a choice, and follow through.

Now who’s with me?

You can be an example to your family and friends.

Reach me on my website http://www.tnttightntone.fit (leave a message on my contact tab)

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2 thoughts on “My Start to Better Health & Living”

    1. Yes join in! You can totally switch the days around as long as you alternate between strength and cardio. You can also do just 3 days weights/2 days cardio & 2 days rest (or vice versa 2 days weights/3 days cardio & 2 days rest). Work the days around so it meets your schedule.
      If you’re interested in the Advocare 24 Day Jumpstart:
      1. Visit http://www.advocare.com
      2. Click on “Find a Distributor” (located on the top left hand corner
      3. Enter Distributor ID # 180433379
      4. This will direct you to my page, click on “Shop With Me”
      5. Then go to “Shop Our Products”
      6. Click on “24 Day Jumpstart”
      7. You can customize your own kit, which that option will be available. Or just choose the first flavor shown – chocolate. This will be for the meal replacement shakes.
      ***If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via text. 312-758-8645***
      My number still hasn’t changed!!!
      Miss ya too girlie!!! Whenever you’re in Chicago contact me and we can get together!!! (Just no drinking, I’ve been sober for 3 years now!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

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