“How Can I Get Rid Of This?”

I get many questions on the daily about health and fitness.  Being a fitness professional for 13 years, I’ve heard them all.

  • “What’s the best way to eat?”
  • “Which exercises should I be doing?”
  • “How often do I need to workout?”
  • “Why am I the only one not seeing results?”

The list goes on…

These are all valid questions because the food and fitness industry is constantly changing & evolving .  Things we used to believe are considered now unhealthy or ineffective.

This can be completely frustrating!!!

The Food and Fitness Industry is consistently changing and evolving.

The one question though that always creeps in…

  • “How do I get rid of this?”

Now imagine someone pinching and grabbing specific parts on his/her body hoping to find the perfect workout or diet program that will eliminate those excess, stubborn fat areas.

It’s common that most of us want to change certain area of our own bodies. The waist, thighs, buttocks, and arms are typical places where most tend to store excess body fat.

It’s common that most of us want to change certain areas of our own bodies.

Targeting fat loss in one of these areas, also known as “spot reduction”, has been a concept highlighted in the health and fitness world for some time. Basically selling products and fitness programs aimed to help burn fat in those pesky spots.

For example, exercising the lower abdominals, (sometimes referred to as the “kangaroo pouch”) in order to get rid of that stubborn fat is spot reduction.

Spot reduction became very popular , causing many to only focus on those problem areas, rather than exercising their entire body. Leading to some major muscle imbalances.

Yet, overall fat loss, just doesn’t work that way.  Most scientific evidence supports that spot reduction is not effective, and that fat loss tends to be generated from the entire body, and not just only the body part being exercised.

Now I bring in the term, “Targeted Toning.”

This is different from spot reduction. Spot reduction, remember is most likely to be ineffective at burning fat, but targeting troublesome areas by toning the muscle underneath, can have beneficial outcomes.

We can’t choose where our bodies lose fat, but we can choose where we want to look more defined and refined.

Therefore, combining specific toning exercises with cardio workouts, is most efficient in burning fat.

Let me put it this way, toning exercises like crunches define & strengthen the upper abdominals , but doing crunches doesn’t burn many calories. You will gain more strength in your upper abs, but to have that “defined” look, you must lose overall body weight.

Cardio, whole body workouts, and a healthy diet is the proper combination when wanting to see results.

Choosing a fitness program that helps you lose fat and tone/strengthen your entire body is the way to go. 

Here are some best training methods for overall fat reduction:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Running, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing, etc.
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Short periods of intense activity, immediately followed by recovery such as bootcamps, sprinting, boxing, plyometrics/speed/agility.
  • Whole Body Exercises: Compound exercises like burpees, squat & press, lunge & curls, burn more calories leading to more fat loss than spot reduction.
  • Combining Workouts: Combining resistance training and cardio workouts show to be more effective in losing pounds than just aiming for one body part.

Lets also not forget that working out is based only on 20% of your outcome.

Nutrition and a Healthy Diet is a whooping 70%!!!

Remember these lines…

  • “You can’t out train a bad diet.”
  • “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

These are quotes that hold true.

Bottom line:

  • Eat Well.
  • Move Often
  • Lift Something Heavy

Plain and Simple.

I will be blogging on the subject of healthy eating soon, so for now Get Moving!!!

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