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In these times exercise is important.


  • Exercise alleviates stress.
  • Exercise takes your mind off of current events.
  • Exercise help you stay strong.
  • Exercise keeps you in good condition and keeps you healthy.

At a time when exercise facilities are closed and we are all encouraged to stay at home,
Exercise becomes more difficult.  WHY???

  • No equipment.
  • Lack of company.
  • No routine, do not know what to do.
  • Low motivation.
  • Being outside to exercise is discouraged, or risky.

1:1 virtual training is the answer!!!

  • Training sessions individually designed to meet your needs – fitness, muscle build,
    weight loss, bone strength.
  • Exercise variety.
  • Using the ‘equipment’ you have at hand, or can obtain at low cost.
  • You get motivation of working with an expert.
  • You can schedule sessions at your convenience.

Why use me???

  • NPTI Certified – National Personal Trainers Institute, Pivotal Training Certified, CPR/AED Certified
  • Deep experience of 1:1 training – 14 years in the business
  • Most recently in the top 25 of trainers in all Midtown Athletic Clubs in the country.
  • Very creative in program design for every training session.

How does the process work???

  • I tell you what ‘IT” equipment you need – computer (Zoom), iphone (FaceTime)
  • I tell you how connecting works – I send you an email or text the evening before each session with a member ID number so that you can connect. (This is when using Zoom)

You tell me…

  • What your objectives are.
  • What your general level of exercise/fitness is.
  • What equipment you have.

Here’s what we look over before training begins…

  • I advise you what to wear, the session length and any preparations you have to make,  for example space to create (basement, living room, etc.)
  • We discuss ‘equipment’ you have that can be used (a hard back chair, detergent bottles, etc.)
  • We agree on the package you want – buy individual session at a time, or buy a pack of 10.
  • We schedule sessions for the first 2 weeks – we will maintain a schedule 2 weeks out so I can manage my diary to ensure my availability.
  • Payments will be made using via Venmo.
  • And of course when we will start your training program.


  •  Buy a package – 10 sessions for flat rate of $450.
  •  Buy sessions 1 by 1 – $50 per session
  •  Receive a discount if you introduce a friend.
  • Payments accepted via Venmo. ( Venmo name: @Monika-Pabian )

If you are interested please contact me by leaving your contact information and current fitness goals in the contact section of the website.